Show of Chinese shadows

If you are thinking of a special show, funny and emotional, able to entertain any kind of audience,then you are looking for us.

Do you remember when you were little and you tried to create a dog or an eagle on the bedroom wall?
Our purpose is to take you back to that moment and let your imagination fly onto an amazing journey made with only shadows and lights.

Symphony of shadows” is our show and we are proud to have entertained thousand people around the world in more than 40 countries.

Our speciality is to reproduce human profile with hand shadows and during our performance you will meet lot of characters like: John Lennon, Humphrey Bogart, Mr. Bean, Donald Trump, Michael Bublé and many others!

Our show is entirely musical and for this reason it is suitable for an international audience.

Interesting, isn’t it? But there is more… We are able to customize our show inserting, as a big finali, a dedicated slide to one or more special guests of your event, of which we will reproduce his/her profile with hand shadows.

Our show last maximum 45 min and we can divide it in different acts according to your needs.

Let’s have a look of our data sheet and find out how easy is to make your event an unforgettable experience!

Teatro in ombra

Shadows in close up 

“How much time takes to learn how to reproduce human profiles with hand shadows…”

Sure it takes lot of training, commitment and dedication, and it is exactly with those things that we have created something more…

We can reproduce profiles of your guests in a totally improvised way!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to CLOSE-UP shadows, our exclusive idea that will let your guests take a picture of their profile in shadow reproduced by us on a painting canvas. Canvas could be customized with your company logo by request.

It’s a walk-around performance, so your guest will enjoy the event and we will look forward them with our work.

Just clic here below to see all technical details!

Teatro in ombra


“First love is unforgettable”

We never forget or abandon it and for this reason we propose two different kind of entertainment in which magic is the protagonist.

Close-up magic:

This is the perfect choice that matches Close-up shadows, It’is a walk-around entertainment too, in which we use our professional magic repertoire involving audience in small groups.

We will entertain your guests with discretion, but in a brilliant and addictive way too.

Stage magic:

Would you like a 90 minute show?

We suggest you to match our shadow show with our stage-magic acts in which we will involve every spectators of all sorts of ages.

Speaking acts could be done in english and spanish language.

Contact us and we will be happy to give you all details about it!