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Teatro in ombra

Teatro in Ombra is born from the desire to create a unique and special show with the ancient art of shadow puppetry.

In life as on stage we are very different kind of people, but we think that is exactly this that let our exhibitions be so originals and effectives.

Let’s get to know a little better!

Teatro in ombra

I was born and grown in Novara, A little city in the north of Italy that is famous just for rise, blue cheese and mosquitos.

I’ve been attracted to artistic world since a was a child and when I got the occasion to be a part of it, as you can immagine, I took it!

I started as a juggler at 14 years old during an after school course in my high school institute.

One year later my parents took me on a lane clown stage in which I met a conjurer who later took me to Magic-Off, the magic club of my city.

Since that moment I felt lot of possibilities for my life and I just tried to made my best while I was terminating my studies to take my diploma.

I started my exhibition with my master and friend Giovanni Anchisi or also known as Magicus, who introduced me in the world of professional entertainment and made me pass “from the grammar to practice.

During those years I took drama, mime and cabaret courses which they all increased my performing skills and also helped me grow up as a person.

Today, in parallel of my exhibitions, I teach drama to more that 150 wonderful kids that every year decide to partecipate to my course “Let’s act! fantasy, colors and fun”.

I’m interested in many other things as tap dance, cinema and cooking. My dream is to motivate amazing feelings throughout the world with my artistic passion

I was born in southern Italy, but now I live in Rome.I moved to Rome to follow my heart.I would like to tell you how my life changed.
Before I started being a magician and performing shadow puppets, I used to work in a bank and was studying Political science in Milan.

Once day when I realized that wasn't the life I wanted, I decided to resign..

Immediately I had more time to do what I love, which is study magic. Thanks to this decision I met Alessandro in a magic club.
In 2014 when he proposed that I also study shadow puppetry to become his partner.

We worked hard together for three years, but now we get to perform all around the world and to let thousands of people enjoy and to get emotional during our act.

This is what is important for us and this is why we do what we do.

We never stop dreaming and try to inspire others with out art to find their dreams..

Teatro in ombra